Most people’s go into panic mode when they hear the words ‘root canal’. However, the reality is that sometimes a tooth can become infected and when it happens, you shouldn’t delay going to the dentist. Opting for a root canal in Mount Isa can save you from costly, time-consuming and painful alternatives such as bridgework, a dental implant or partial dentures.

A root canal in Mount Isa is an uncomplicated procedure and can usually be completed in three to four visits to the dentist. The treatment is not more painful than having a filling, and a repaired tooth could last a lifetime. If you are worried about the cost, talk to our friendly team. Payment terms are available from just $39.

When you visit Isa Quality Dental for root canal therapy in Mount Isa, our dedicated team know that pain, worry over cost, and questions about the procedure you are about to undergo are churning around in your mind. Our priority is to make you feel at home. When you book your consultation, we will listen to your needs and concerns, and our experience dentist will take the time to give a detailed explanation of the procedure before treatment commences.

At Isa Quality Dental, we pride ourselves on high quality dental treatment. If you need a root canal in Mount Isa, call (07) 47 436 588 or contact us. Dr Christian Weber has 32 years dental experience and our team put the patient’s dental needs and comfort above all else.