Despite your best efforts to maintain dental hygiene, sometimes a tooth can develop a cavity. If you notice a discoloured spot or have a painful tooth, it could be a sign that you have a cavity and need to visit the dentist for fillings in Mount Isa.

At Isa Quality Dental, we use tooth-coloured substances to restore both the colour and shape of your teeth. Your fillings in Mount Isa will be applied so well that once a tooth is repaired, it will look brand new. Not only that, we treat every patient with compassion and will do everything we can to put you at ease and keep you comfortable.

At Isa Quality Dental, you can trust us and our experienced dentist, Dr. Weber, for all your dental fillings in Mount Isa. Our team performs high-quality dental work; we will look after your teeth so that you won’t have any worries or concerns. If you are nervous of visiting the dentist, why not ask us about our complimentary relaxation system to make your appointment seem shorter as well as more comfortable?

If you need a dental filling in Mount Isa, call (07) 47 436 588 or contact us. At Isa Quality Dental we are equipped to treat children as well as adults, and we put your needs and comfort first.