Isa Quality Dental is a high quality dental practice focused on putting our patients first. While the facility opened in 2016, Dr Christian Weber has 32 years of experience working with numerous patients. With his extensive experience, he knows that dentistry is about people, not just teeth.

Trust us to look after your teeth

We strive to earn your trust and want you to know that we’ll take the most exceptional care in looking after your teeth. While we know that dental procedures can involve stress, it’s often the cost that brings up more anxiety. To alleviate that concern, Isa Quality Dental offers a flexible and affordable dental payment plan for those in Mount Isa. We are committed to making your visit as painless as possible for any number of quality services, including dental crowns. Mount Isa deserves honest and considerate dental care from true experts, and Isa Quality Dental provides just that. Learn about our services, including dental crowns, offered in Mount Isa.

We’ll help you have healthy teeth by making it easy for you both here and at home. Our complimentary relaxation system is available to make your appointments more comfortable and let the time fly by. Whether you’re visiting our clinic for cleanings, check-ups, or dental crowns in Mount Isa, you’ll be in and out before you know it. Contact us now to set up an appointment and learn about our payment plan.